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Avoid Foreclosure and your ARM - Adjustable Rate Mortgage

There's been talk lately on Wall Street regarding a possible recession in the stock market. This is attributed to the ARM mortgages that many mortgage companies made the mistake in selling. Countrywide and many other companies have gone bottom-up due to this and have paid the price.

How can you improve your situation with your ARM - Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
  1. Freezing of your adjustable rates: The government has recently signed off on this bill - this gives you time to sell your house.
  2. Don't wait for an unfreeze: If you've had trouble paying your mortgage so far, don't wait for the unfreeze to happen.
  3. Avoid even higher adjustable rates: Refinance with a fixed-rate mortgage to stop your worries.

Avoiding Foreclosure Advice:
Now's your chance to avoid losing more money and going bankrupt, by selling your home AND by side-stepping high realtor fees.

Virtual Househunter recommends advertising your home where the realtors do (on Realtor.com and the MLS).

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