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What's better than selling your own home?
Well that's easy, selling your home without a realtor.

Take advantage of the Advertising Resources that Realtor's have used for years...
Selling your home using a Realtor will cost you 6% of your house's value. With the U.S. currently in a housing slump, it makes sense to advertise your own home, yourself. Virtual Househunter makes it easy for you to get started.
Click here to advertise in the Realtor's MLS.

Why should you advertise your home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

  1. Millions of Web Visitors at Realtor.com will find your listing.
  2. Realtors have access to dozens of buyers AND will bring them to YOUR house.
  3. Your house listing will appear on local Real Estate Agent's websites.
  4. You will SAVE by not having to pay two separate realtors (one to advertise and one to sell).
  5. The satisfaction that you've made a GREAT DECISION!

If you currently live in a neighborhood where homes have been on the market for several months (even with using a Realtor), do you start to realize that maybe realtors cannot always sell a home? Who else better knows your neighborhood and home than you?

Now is the opportunity to advertise your own home online and appear on many more websites than even realtors can appear on.

Realtor's MLS - Advertise now.


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